Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December and Onwards

Today marks the proper beginning of summer as well as my three-month study break. Exam results was released a few days ago and they are probably the best for the entire three years at uni.

There is no magic about getting a better mark apart from actually paying attention in class and taking time to swot. Befriending lecturers also help, a lot of legitimate help will come with way.

The perpetual B student has moved on. Looking back, I wish I have tried harder, not only for the past semesters where I....utterly failed myself, but also the recent ones. If I have tried harder, I should rocking cut-edge science in the air conditioned labs over the holidays while enjoying many elite privileges such as free coffee and unmetered staff internet. Instead I am earning a meager wage three days a day in a small kiosk that feels like the defendant dock at the high court. Fingers crossed that I will get the project I wanted for my honours year.

On the bright side of mundane affairs, missing out on my summer studentship may actually be a kind of blessing since it should give me time to do the following:

  • Scale down. Since the plans for London fell apart, I have resumed the old habit to acquire too much property and I still do despite my best effort. Getting rid of things is not easy, especially when it comes to your childhood treasures and books. However, things will need to go, for me all die alone and empty-handed. 
  • Practice touch-typing. I am sure everyone has noticed (but had been too polite to point out) that I type with two fingers, which probably does not match my current job description and geek status. Definitely need some time to practice.
  • Get more exercise. Something I have planned for but ultimately failed to act on during the year. Well right now I no longer have any excuse to slack off, and summer should be a great time for losing weight.
  • Inspired by the sheer awesomeness of Amy Adams Julia & Julia, I have decided to carry out a similar, however less fancy version of kitchen quest with the quintessential classic: The Edmonds Cookery Book. At the rate of two to three dishes per week I am in good position to finish the entire thing before uni starts again. Other meals will be back up with my standard (lit. Atkins) diet of red meat and raw salad, supplemented by the occasional junk food and things that came out of a cardboard box.
  • Finally update this blog more often, I have always been in requirement of writing exercise and this blog served me great on this purpose. I am also delighted, as the visitor stats of this blog points out, that my babbling did help other people looking for answers to their various questions. A big thank you to all my readers past and present, more content is always on their way.
You would have guessed these ambitions are parts of a larger plan to make myself more capable and independent. I used to spend too much time lamenting my woes, now I know that I only need to spent time to deal with them, one at a time.

This is for the record, I wish for all kinds of help that I will be able to come back to this post 99 days later and cross everything out with a smile on my face. 

P.S. Got the first paycheck since starting the new job, hooah!