Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gantz Live Action Movie

Thanks to personal circumstances and endless piles of stuff from work, I have epically missed all the movies I was supposed to see since the start of the break. Well, I am not going to miss this one. The few pre-release reviews I have read has been generally positive. Although I have a few doubts about the cast, the trailers look pretty delish.

Gantz is probably the most realistic manga I have read. Not only is it extremely graphic and blasphemous, but also for the lack of voyeuristic/philosophical nonsense that seems to be the norm today.

Most people suffer more or less from the Pygmalion Syndrome where they fall in love with their creations and it becomes too hard for them to let go. Oku, however, has taken a rare kind of apathy in Gantz. I mean, his characters may not be very likable, but which other author kills 90% of the main cast in two chapters of a single story arc that is not even halfway into the plot?

The anime adaptation shared a lot of similarities with Fullmetal Alchemist, with the weekly episodes progressing too fast on the storyline, eventually getting to a point that it runs out of material from the still ongoing manga. Both productions decided to supply original story to finish off the season. This is where the Gantz failed as the new segments were badly written and stripped of the realistic aura. Although FMA's divergence from the original was much better executed and received, a new anime had been made later to recreate the story as intended by the author.I seriously look forward to another Gantz anime; in the meantime the movie will help to fix my cravings.