Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So much to do, so little time

I had to delete several draft posts that I spent hours writing yet realising in the end that I will never finish any of them. Terrible waste of effort but much better than wasting more time on it later on.

I am not desperately short of time yet - such a crisis it will come much later; however my time is badly fragmented with various commitments everywhere. This is the type of situation I am not good with, and I am still jealous of people who are able to organise their life so well.

My first successful plasmid PCR experiment.

Things are alright-ish in the lab with me moving fairly fast according to plan. Finally I can appreciate the past toiling for for the undergraduate labs; if it was not for the experience I could never have done anything with nothing but a product manual. Gatecrashing another stage III genetics paper proved useful as well - I can actually understand the techniques I am using. Working in a small group headed by a laid-back supervisor has it's pros and cons, well, I like it that way.

The entire honours thing has been somewhat apprehensive until last week when I started working in the lab and found things much easier than anticipated: People are genuinely nice when you ask for help, but they would leave your alone when you need to; having access to copious quantity of pipette tips/glassware/reagents is a nicely self-inflating bonus too(one that makes you feel more important than you really are).On the contrary, people with their PostDipSci probably all had a hard time when they started their MSc because the former had little practical content.


Yeah, every damned morning I know. Nevertheless there is one that I remember vividly. The actual content was just as laughable and absurd as the example in the xkcd comic above(namely a mixture of The Graduate, recent Gantz chapters, drunken yarns with older friends and assorted current events including the tsunami), yet I remember every detail of it because I was, for a moment in the land of Oneiroi, truly happy and I have never been overloaded with joy ever in my life.

In nothing but a dream.