Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Summary

Friday: Went to Long Bay for a casual barbeque/walk on the beach. Did not have enough meat to go around so ended up eating grilled ham slices and grilled bananas. After that a friend was nice enough to offer a tour of his new house and a ride in his ice cream van (Literally, he no longer need to earn his living but still scoops ice cream 3 days a week purely for the laughs. I'd love to do this after my retirement in, er, 40 years)

Saturday: Fatigued from yesterday so stayed inside to watch South Park and Nisemonogatari. A headache inevitably developed and got worse after dinner. Slept from 8pm to midnight under the influence of ibuprofen.

Sunday: Unable to go back to sleep so decided to do an allnighter. Attempted to start composing my literature review but ended up looking at random photo collections on cracked.com. Washed my lab coat and canvas bags before discovering that I had ran out of bleach; went all the way to the supermarket without realising it was sabbathEaster Sunday. And no, there was no high nor crash following that thanks to my messed up sleeping cycle.

Piled Higher and Deeper, the xkcd especially for graduate students

Monday: Drove to the old house to mow the lawn, boring except the part when I had to mentally calculate a 2 stroke mixture

Sorry but no photos, I was way too relaxed and perhaps lazy for it.

Anyway thanks for reading, at least there will be a (good-ish) song in the end as a reward.

P.S. I have always meant to catch up on viewing Guren Lagann but did it reallt come out in 2007? Unbelievable.