Friday, August 13, 2010

Things that I have learned/found over time

  • The only viable option to transport cooked meat to the USA is to carry it as your personal luggage (in-cabin, not checked).
  • Inflammation increases the mutability of cells, hence NSAIDs reduce cancer risk. Aspirin and coxibs cause too much side effects so stick with paracetamol, which will do no harm unless taken in dozens. 
  • Lab rats are the tragic results of forced incest between siblings over multiple generations to create a genetically identical population(and albino, too).  
  • Be very careful with your mouth.
  • The streakers in HSB lecture rooms last year were either: 1. Bored students from Huia Residence or 2. Medics promoting the med revue. If the latter was true then it has utterly failed to achieve any kind of publicity. 
  • Continued from last point: The PR team for the med revue has escalated their tactics. Once of them dropped into a BIOSCI202 lecture pretending to be choking and almost convinced Don Love to perform the Heimlich Maneuever on him. They also carry bodybags into MEDSCI142 labs and emerge from them 15 minutely later after failing to entice any interest. 
  • There will be a new timetabling system in place from next year that is supposed to miraculously end the plight of traveling between campuses in less than 15 minutes. We biomed people remain universally unconvinced. 
  • Computers in the pharmacology lab has wireless kb/mouse sets that interferes each other like crazy. Only known method to make them work is to place the transceiver right next to your hands, smooth like nitrogenated butter. 
  • Dropbox - Best cloud backup/sharing tool available at this time, sign up if you have not already and wave goodbye to USB drives, which either get lost or end up spreading diseases.