Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Break Break Break

Sylvie Vartan, check her out if you have not already, one of the under-appreciated belles in the anglosphere.


The first half of semester went so fast and the two week break is already here before I realised. I have managed to kept the good progress from last semester and actually tried not to get freaked out by assignments/tests, etc. 

In addition to the four MEDSCI papers that I am enrolled in, I also elected to audit a BIOSCI paper which I could not enroll in due to timetable issues. Looking back, what I really should have done last semester was

  1. Swap MEDSCI201 for the protein structure and function paper once I have been to the intro lab, which was the sole reason I took that paper.
  2. Audit BIOSCI356, it would helped me a lot with cancer and I had nothing to do before that lecture anyway. Still, better to realise your mistakes late than never.
Highlight of this semster: Queenie. I still remember the first time I tried to talk to you which was met by your utter indifference. Still, you are the most intelligent and pretty female I have met in a while. All the best and I hope you will live in a grand house with your Great Danes. 


In my continued self-pursuit, I have planned to attain my ideal weight in one year's time (By the end of August 2011). Surprisingly I am a lot closer to the goal than I thought; according to my not so accurate scale it is only 15-16kgs away. I'd be ready to call a partial success if I weight 80k or less by the end of the year.

Quick Recap on movies viewed recently:

(500) Days of Summer: Smart and quirky, Zooey Deschanel Summer is really the type that I would fall for. The ending is rather depressing, but this is life. 

An American Carol: Some scenes are pretty funny, but overall too much stereotyping and overt jokes to make it more worthy than direct-to-video stuff.

Angels and Demons: I liked it more than Da Vinci code, the same goes for the books and the movies. Overall the plot stayed faithful to the original Dan Brown, nevertheless some rather audacious scenes (i.e. the free fall) did not make it to the screen which is a major setback. Still a very much viewable piece for conspiracy theory lovers, although the ending may be somewhat of an anti-climax.