Sunday, March 28, 2010

28 Mar 2010

Got up really early in the morning, in other words slept for less than 6 hours again. Went to chem tutition then home then to work and back. Average day overall. Must start studying for the tests this week.

Could not contact the frenchie selling the UPS, however no big deal.

More on the new motherboard:
1. SATA optical drive fixed, all you need to do is to enable "Extended Shadow RAM", must have been some kind of overflow with their AHCI BIOS, however I may never be able to tell the exact mechanism.

2. PSU situation seems beyond help, all I can do for now is to never disconnect from the mains.

3. Sent an email to supermicro support asking for more information on their 1.2a BIOS, let's see if they are bendable as their counterparts at MSI.

All out studying for the week, I will try to keep this journal updated at least daily. Expecting to receive 4GB DDR3 memory in mail tomorrow.