Sunday, July 4, 2010

About Last Night

Pelé had the unenviable talent of telling who is gonna lose in reverse. World cup quarterfinals have adhered to the rule so far: Brazil is out, so is Argentina after their 0:4 loss to Germany.
I knew that Argentina was probably going home, however I certainly did not see four goals coming. Overall, Argentina never had any organised offense or defense. Losing one goal 3" would be a shocker for sure, but we only see them try and fail and become, angry, which would not help at all.  
Sighs. Germans are deadly, deadly boring people but they can get things sorted.
A few better known spectators spotted at this game, in order of appearence:
Jacob Zuma: For better or worse, the Zulu chief has outgrown his tribal constraints. I am planning on a really good essay on SA, so stay tuned.
Angela Merkel: Probably the old herself, the most insincere person at the game.
F. W. de Klerk: For some reason he did not age at all since 1994.
Leonardo DiCaprio: Donning his sunglasses but still looking bored.
Charlize Theron: Where are you, Keanu Revees?
Michael Ballack: Emerged from nowhere towards the end, looking thoroughly satisfied.
Sepp Blatter: I hate him, really really hate him, period.
In other news, I am doing okay in real summer with the air hotter than human core temperature. Ice cream has never tasted so good after many migratory years with two winters. Traveling is always good, the only minor problems are an utterly broken mp3 player and ruined foam pad for my F-802 satchel bag. A formal warning to fellow Domke users: Never attempt to fix your shoulder pad with latex, it remains sticky after drying and forms a disgusting layer of black goo in a matter of days:-(
As for stuff at uni, I have done better than expected for microbiology; not as well but as expected for genetics; anatomy is not out yes but I think I will have a bare pass. Looking back, I wish I could have planned this year better: anatomy was fun, but not my cuppa. The protein structure paper which clashed directly with anatomy would be far easier to handle and more appropiate for my plans for postgrad. Nevertheless, I am not bitter like I was this time last year after a stressful semester of five medium-to-high difficulty papers. Doing another stage II course in your third year really boost your ego since you have that seniority, more so since most people are (once failed) medic wannabes. Very good sign to have.
Another noteworthy point is that I will not be doing B347; was planning to swap one paper for it only to find that it clashes with not one but two other medsci papers. Heaps of other things also happened, and I shall update you once I am back in NZ.