Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pros and Cons of Travelling with VAIO P

 Pro: It did not cost me a thing since it was a gift from Dad
Con: Retail configuration was so slow that I had to pay an extra $400 for a solid state drive before it was marginally responsive. Mind you, 1.8in SSDs are dear and few.

Pro: It looks totally nifty and posh, it surely grabs those much needed attention from strangers.
Con:The silver coating starts to drop from corners with no ovbious reason, revealing plaque-like black base material below.
Pro: The unit and charger is so small and light that it takes no space/weight in your bag.
Con:The battery life sucks so you will have to take up a (expensive) backup battery, plus it does not come with a LAN port so off goes a USB-LAN adaptor; the end result is a substantial package to pack, still. 

Pro: Unlike a tablet, it has a full keyboard!
Con: The keys are tiny with little travel; plus, mine is a Japanese version and the keyboard is plainly atrocious.

Pro: It runs totally silent without a fan.
Con: Passive cooling work fine right now in the southern hemisphere but it heats up like a hot potatoes. The smallest cooling pad I can find its about her own size, now add that to the outfit I mentioned before.....

Pro: The screen is nice and wide with a good viewing angle.
Con: The resolution is way too high (1600x768) for an 8-incher, your eyes hurt after a while. Not to mention it is already over the rated maximum of the GPU so it cannot even scroll your average web page without becoming choppy. 

After getting my new phone I was not so sure whether to keep her.