Thursday, July 29, 2010

F.M.L. the Cocktail

Marianne of Beauty by MM brought this gem to my attention.

Written in full just in case someone has never read FML.

A quick run of inventory suggested that I have whiskey, vodka and orange juice. No rum but that can be made up by doubling the vodka and add some rum flavoring.

Mandatory bottle shot. Notice the familiar markings.

Say hello to my new shaker. The first piece I bought since my previous bartender set succumbed to humidity.

The result

Verdict: It looks pale yellow not unlike pineapple juice. The taste is okay, quite fruity but you can easily tell the different alcohol (i.e. they don't blend very well). The rum essence has been sitting in the fridge since the last millennium so I certainly could not taste rum; if you are trying it I highly recommend Malibu.

Overall nothing exceptional. Quite fitting name for a day when you had to wait 50 minutes for your bus home because all of them are packed full, fml.