Friday, September 3, 2010

The break continued

Another friday, although this time the intra-semester break is already half gone. I have intentionally put aside the few more important things that i must complete before the semester resumes, including but in no way limited to: two upcoming tests to study for, two research projects and one lab report; a good proportion of them are due on the first day back. Thing will get hectic eventually, nevertheless for now I am having a good time idling (mostly) each day without thinking about much stuff with a glass of JD in my hand. The weather has been wild, on and off, so I will probably not be able to drive aimlessly to the south of taupo according to the plans before the break.

I like driving.  Ideally it is to be done on a relatively straight stretch of motorway (the shore comes to mind) without too much traffic at night. There is nothing in the world but the wheel and the road in front of you, one of the rare occasions that I will be able to enjoy the benefits of a calm mind. 

It has to be my personal sort of instant yet short-lasting nirvana.

I have acquired a bottle of 200mg caffeine capsules and they work wonders. Priced at 20c a pop, it provides a much more affordable and convenient alternative to flat whites which I am already dependent upon. Energy drinks are overrated for students who spent most of their time on their bums. The only component that matters is caffeine; the rest such as taurine, proflavin, intosol etc, may help to increase physical performance by enhancing calcium transport in muscles, yet they have no effect on your white or grey matter at all. Back to the topic of caffeine, usually it reaches peak plasma concentration 30 minutes following ingestion, then it is gradually excreted via the kidneys over 6 hours. Therefore, a giant serve of coffee with breakfast may keep you livid for a couple of hours before the excitation wanes. The best strategy is not to fetch another large latte, but to replenish lost caffeine by small supplyments. For those who wish to follow this regimen with style, I can highly recommend Black Black gum by Lotte. It is a especially minty gum with 5mg caffeine, which is readily absorbed by the oral mucosa. Find it in your local JapanMart or really good dairies.