Sunday, September 12, 2010

Official Summary of the break

Managed to cook a couple of good meals and move all my stuff into one room.

Made around $500 and spent about twice as much.

16 hours spent on various assignments, 6 hours on the test first day back, and lot's of Baileys.


In other news

Former PM Kenvin Rudd is appointed the foreign minister following the formation of a minority Labour government from the (still hung) 43rd Australian Parliament.

Weston Cage, best remembered for his cameo appearance as the young Ukrainian mechanic, is now a metalhead. Unfortunately his musical talent is approximately on par to his father's theatrics.

Bought a CL from Jonathan B of Cream TV with the intention to shoot some film, he gave me a homebrew SR44-PX625 adaptor despite the camera has a non-working meter. It was a good deal.