Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tempus edax rerum

You are time. Foul time, who steals the gold from a maiden's hair and takes the sapphire from a child's eyes. Dark time, who has stolen from every thing there ever was all the things that it held precious and divine... And left nothing but ashes and memories and the grave.

-----Neil Gaiman

Five more weeks, the three unremarkable years of my life as an undergraduate student will be over. What have I achieved in almost three years apart from passing all my courses with mediocre grades?

To be honest, not a lot. What I have picked up were mere facts that can be gathered in no time with the right tools; the rest that mattered hardly moved at all in three years.

You know what it is? I just don't think about it

Your misfortunes are nothing but the result of your negligence with time; what are you doing now and what you should be doing? 

More sighs.