Monday, May 17, 2010

17 May 2010

Photographic of the most spirits I had in one sitting, mind you it was 12cm straight lukewarm vodka that tasted more like stale rubbing alcohol. The result is a total mental breakdown which definitely did not help me write the essay; two night of poor sleep totaling less than 10 hours; a cracking headache that took five tablets of 500mg paracetamol to control; and a very upset stomach that will probably reject unmixed vodka for the foreseeable future :(
BTW The red mini-vise is an innocent McGuffin, I certainly did not crush any bones with that on Saturday night/Sunday morning.


In other (bad) news, for three days in a row I have found booklice near my station. Well winter rain is getting on us all. I have had the dehumidifier running and will probably fumigate the room
on Wednesday since I am going to be away for some time.


People has been telling me today that I was silly to sway my life so trivially out of sentimental gists. I will cover the same issue again and again in my upcoming personal anthology posts, however suffice to say that I have the capacity to make well-devised plans, and I rarely had enough motivation to apply them, without first overcoming all forms of negative emotions.

Behold, there might be a scientific explanation to it!


Going off to watch Iron Man 2 in 20min, I will let the internet know if it was worth my $13 when I get back. For now I need to fetch my old faithful Jaffa can and fill it with sweet stuff :P