Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Drink for thought

Not a song this time, but still a very amusing clip worth watching:-)

Still one month and two weeks to go till the inevitable Darkest of Days, yet it feels like it already it is. So we should all make this cosy drink to make yourself feel better staying up late, or even better when you get up in the morning coz it tastes much better than tea;D

As for the ingredient you will need:
Vodka, I use red label Smirnoff however blue should work just as well
Cranberry Juice, McCoy's version is cheap and plentiful, yet it is more on the sweet side once it is heated and makes our wonderful recipe tastes like punch for teenagers, therefore we need....
Lime Juice, lemon juice is an okay substitute, or citric acid in case you are extremely desperate and cannot afford/find lemons.

How to make:
1. Microwave or somehow heat the juice till piping hot however do not boil, will probably destroy all the ascorbic acid but hey, we did not make this drink for the vitamins
2. Pour into a mug, leave about 1/4 of volume for the rest.
3. Top up with vodka, add lime juice to state, enjoy!

Looks, and tastes like some nasty venom, however truely lekker

Dyson sphere (Not related to Dyson of various fancy and overpriced vacuum cleaner and hand dryer and blade-less desktop fans), our only hope in sustainable development and intergalactic expansion!
Actually it will be much less than a sphere, since the sun comprises 99.8% of mess in out system it would be pretty unlikely that we will completely cover the star with artificial structures, however, a series of satellites in tandem nearly as good