Saturday, May 1, 2010

And I know I should have done Chemistry

All contents below added under the effect of a half-bottle of cheap '08 Merlot and a bag of crisps.

Kick Ass: Five stars our of four, one extra I stole from Roger Ebert entirely dedicated to Chloë Moretz, without her this film is nothing awesome as it is. Too bad it had to screen alongside the much anticipated Iron Man 2, well you cannot always win.

By the way, she had a strange resemblance of a younger Blake Lively
Enjoyed every minute in my attempt to resurrect my lab coat soiled with AgNO3, bleach worked to an extent however ammonium thiosulphate saved the day, it is now as good and snow white as new:-)
The statement above is followed by depression because it reminds me again of how much I could have enjoyed chemistry, biomed sucks, sucks BIG. Who cares about mannose-LAM receptors or neuranimidase, I want my mercury fulminate and isopropyl palmitate :-(