Monday, April 12, 2010


In good news, found the song I have loved since childhood,

Tama and Friends is such a great show back then, still fond of it no less. I do realise that I had Oh dear, you never missed any chance to diss me for never growing up did you?
Work is entering the final stage, told that site would be ready for launch today but heck no news came through by now.
Mari's dad suggested that the fair salary for a (competent) IT system designer/admin is 2% of the company's operational income, LMAO, I'd become rich soon. /irony
Procrastination: something that will kill me well before prostate cancer or coronary heart disease. Problem is, altough I am aware that I only needed to endure the minimum time of discomfort to get things done, I still tend to ignore the tasks on hand till the very last minute. What could I have done?