Monday, April 19, 2010

GIFs: How to change white background to transparent in 5 seconds using photoshop

Step 1: Open the file (duh)
Step 2: Select the background with magical wand (hint hint)
Step 3: Hit the "delete" key usually found on your 6 o'clock.
Step 4: Save your changes and make a nice cuppa to celebrate.

That simple
I have started to get random NMI errors since I upgraded my motherboard, I have had a few in the past weeks however it occured twice today. Prime suspects?
1. My 8GB of memory, two sticks run at really unusual timings, however it could have caused more problems than a general NMI.

2. Razer Sound card, even less unlikely since no similar issues have been reported by users.

3. My frail RAID5 array on ICH10R, hmmmm no thanks, I have seen arrays fail and this doesnt look like it.

4. Probably video driver issue, I have updated it now anyway because of CS5 launch. Let's see if the problem goes with it.

5. Finally, the omnious "Extended Shadow RAM" that I had to bite to be able to use Matrix RAID and SATA optical drives together. If #4 failed to prevent this from happening I will consider replacing my DVD with PATA.

6. Power stability, will connect that 4-pin 12V plug once I can be bothered to open the case, heheh.