Saturday, April 3, 2010

Supermicro C2SBX+ 1.2a BIOS changes

This is what I have received in mail and hope this information will help other people out there wondering at SuperM's infinite wisdom of keeping users in the dark. I will postpone the actual upgrade till all other unfinished business could be settled because the upgrade has already caused one premature RMA.


BIOS Rev 1.2a Update: CBXPC198.ROM Date:12-19-2008 ver. 1.2a

1. Add menu item "CPU Overheat Alarm". (All X7 & C2 Phoenix BIOS Project)

2. Fix system can't boot with IEEE 1394 card. (All X7 & C2 Phoenix BIOS Project)

3. Support BIOS editor change BIOS default BOOT order. (All X7 & C2 Phoenix BIOS Project)

4. Support BIOS editor can set default supervisor password. (All X7 & C2 Phoenix BIOS Project)

5. Add BIOS revision in setup menu. (All X7 & C2 Phoenix BIOS Project)

6. Add DMI event log to log system error event and IPMI event log. (All X7 & C2 Phoenix BIOS Project)

7. Microcode updated. (All X7 & C2 Phoenix BIOS Project)

8. Fix system can't boot from Compact Flash card via IDE or IDE-to-SATA adapter.

9. Fix AHCI mode SATA hard drive detection issue.

10. Enable hard drive S.M.A.R.T. feature.

11. Set add-on slot PCI bus master default to enable.

12. Only display warning message for keyboard error. (C2SBX/C2SBX+)

13. Fix USB keyboard hang up on USB 2.0 HUB issue.

14. Add setup item to enable/disable EHCI controller.

15. Fix S3 resume issue.

16. Enhance 1600MHz XMP/non-XMP memory support. (All X48 chipset)

17. Fix BIOS display incorrect memory size in POST screen.

18. Add PCMCIA (CARDBUS) device support.