Friday, April 9, 2010

Legendary Trap

NOT this 'shopped swimsuit photo you pervs, I am taking about Facebook, yes, facebook.
So I was trying to help a local business to sign up their fan page, which was pretty much nice and easy till I hit the submit button. It said in bold YOU ARE ILLEGIBLE TO REGISTER FOR FACEBOOK before kicking me back to a locked homepage:

Is it because I have multiple account to play mafia wars, or I used a new gmail account that did not fall on their radar? I had to google it and realised that facebook were trying to block access from potential users that were underage, if you had put an age under 13 you will be locked out, not sure how long but at least it wont be short. What I have done is forom the company's perspective, put down their date of incorporation as the page's birthday, which happened to be back in 2001....

Other equally innocent parties will also fall for the trap, such as parents trying to reserve their kid's place on facebook, or someone could simply have chosen the wrong year of their birth.The legendary part is that there is NO warning or explanation of what went wrong, and the signup form had all the years up to 2010 available.

To get around it you will have to manually delete the coockie from, or for the less technical users, flush out all their saved passwords and settings for the particular browser before they were given a chance of starting over.

Sucks to be you.