Saturday, April 3, 2010

2 Apr 2010

FORCING myself to write something, already missed two days and I knew this will happen, if I did not force myself to write today the entire endeavor may have been abandoned indefinitely.

In various news:

Test season is over, finished BIOSCI349 lab report on Thursday too so no uni work for a while from now.

Been to the shore this morning to pick-up a UPS bought on TM a while back, encountered several speed cameras at speed near 60kph, let's hope that I did not trigger their mechanical wrath...

Spent the rest of the day cutting the metal part of a Thermalright HR-01 LGA775 pushpin kit to fit a Zalman water-block, the finished product is crude however serves the purpose well. Was testing the loop but had visitors so distraction ended the day.

My folks are planning for a trip somewhere during the break but I am not keen, will keep myself occupied with my various projects and work commitment.