Tuesday, June 8, 2010

1103 Finale with more useless information

Semester One 2010 is officially finished this morning after the long-overdue MEDSCI201 lab test 2. Dept. of Anatomy w/ Radiology cunningly arranged the test well into the exam period so the pharmacy exam next door may be continually distracted by a 400-strong class coming, waiting and leaving in tandem. The volatile situation is not improved at all by their supervisor, a middle-aged cow lady who'd emerge every five minutes and tries to drown our chatter with her supercharged rat-like screaming, causing much mayhem.

The test went okay for us, much easier than the previous one. Only surprise is to know that colonic veins drain into the same hepatic portal, unintuitive but true.

What comes next are three exams, which will be promptly forgotten until the night before, wish me good luck, I will need several shipments of it.


Thanks for putting up with the boring stuff of my life, let us talk about things that might interest you. Shcokingly, I have been oblivious of the Polandball meme for such a long time. Basically it is the caveman's Hetalia, and according to this post on MP, "strips national stereotypes down to their cores". Pure ingenuity and, well, outright awesome, with many in-jokes that only /int/ards and /b/tards will understand. Having rudimentary knowledge of history and current affairs helps, too.

 All Hail Lord Polandball


An excellent chronological summary of the Blue Diamond Affair, very interesting to read. The most absurd part of the saga is why would the Thai police give back obvious fake gems, I am sure the excuse of "your property was never recovered" would have been taken much better by the Saudis.

Actually, it all makes sense if you take into account what has been going on in the southern departments all year around. (Warning: Blood and Gore) Ethno-religious hatred sometimes do transcend economic divisions, much to the charging of left-wing historiography. 

Speaking of blue diamonds, the most famous one is probably the Hope diamond, said to bring various misfortunes to owners since Louis XVI, well not really

Blame incandescent lighting, the diamond surely is blue.

I took the photo in my last visit to the states. The stone was in its Pt setting with 16 diamond surround and 45 diamond chain;currently it is on a temporary display alone while the rest of the set reamins in maintenance.


P.S. In case you have noticed some style difference in this post, it is probably because I have changed over to the new post editor, much easier to use than the old one.