Saturday, June 26, 2010

Review: Triangle --- The Shining and Momento had a wicked baby

Triangle, 2009, First Look Studios, Australia, 99min

For obvious reasons, I am not fond of Australian films. My prejudice is further reinforced by the latest major and majorly disappointing production from across the ditch, the namesake Australia. Yes, the Australia with Nicole Kidman in it, she has transformed into the female equivalent of Nicholas Cage lately, maybe I will write a separate bashing post one day.

Nevertheless, Triangle is to sway my opinion in a good way. Created in a highly contemporary setting: a white singlet-wearing, freckled single mom and her autistic son goes on a trip that turns horribly wrong. Well, the first 10 minutes of the film is the boring part and I feel sorry for those who turned away before the ship appeared, for what happens in the remaining time is mind-blowing.

The film makes many shameless allusions to The Shining, but the actual plot is surprisingly ingenious and fresh. Slow-learning people would probably have to watch it again to grasp what is going on, and a third time to understand everything.

Certainly the main idea of the film is is not entirely new, even South Park have done it. Assuming that you have seen Momento, you would appreciate the value of intricate editing, which makes the audience feel int the same way the characters would do. Triangle is near perfect on this aspect so while the main character Jess does not really develop over time, you get to know her better and better by the minute.

Finally the heavy symbolism reminds me of Silent Hill. Instead of a foggy isolated town, Triangle takes place on a cruise ship traveling in bright daylight. However the interiors of the vessel had the same claustrophobic and eerie feeling that is in some way more consistent to the video game experience.The amount of blood and gore is also just right, not too little or too much.

Verdict: A really good horror movie that blends all elements to the right proportions. Four stars out of Five.