Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fast Food Freestyle

It has been a chilly day, ideal in a bum weekend when sustenance = takeaway food. Can't decide on beef or chicken? Well why not both: Have a life, have one of the world-infamous McGangbang®.

I went out for mine today, the only right way to do it is to order a double cheese burger and a McChicken sandwich, evenly split the double cheese, place the entire McChicken in the middle and reassemble.
This is how McGangbang® works, please refrain from asking more obscene questions.

Below this paragraph is my lunch before it became a part of me. I apologise for the rather unappetizingly soggy look since I let the ingredients stand for too long by taking a detour to fill the car. To make up for the lost freshness I added a generous scoop of chicken pâté (not visible, but it sits right above the chicken pattie; it helps to stablise the tower too as an edible adhesive) and some freshly ground pepper. Yum
Notice the undersized cheeseburger

Washed down with an ice-cold bottle of lemon lime & bitters, the total energy intake is approximately 4100kJ or 990cal, not including the added pâté and mints. I feel better fortified now.

A more elaborate account of the meme can be found here. Shame I had to pay over $8 for it while it costs less than half of that in the US.


On a side note, food is really cheap in the states. Grocery from a supermarket in Greenwich Village on average cost a bit less compared to my local Foodtown, mind you it was one of the more expensive places to live. The gap is much bigger in the west coast, and for most of time I was there I did not even bother eating out: There are so many wonderful and affordable options in the supermarkets, you can treat yourself to a really good meal in your motel room.


Miranda is a huge fan of McNuggets®, a habit I could not approve of. Smooth muscle is already overrepresented in ground meat, yet all nuggets contain up to 20% of chicken skin to improve texture, without the fat nuggets will crumble once fried.

Above all, I prefer the more boutique fast food chains such as Wendy's, Arby's and in the worst case: Burger King. Sure, they all have the same problems, but McBurgers are the worst. If you ever need a saturated fat fix, try drippings on toast, at least your throat does not burn as badly after consumption.

In case it was Maccas or stavation, I'd get a salad. One particularly memorable encounter with big brother Mac was in some remote town in New Hampshire where I had a chicken salad and piping hot vege soup. The latter was poured out of a plastic bag into a paper cup. Not withstanding the peculiarity, it actually tasted pretty good, or I could have been nearly frozen to oblivion that anything warm is welcomed by my system.


P.S. Google's best kept secret:

Search with the prefix "cache:" followed by the URL will take you directly to the latest snapshot of the page in concern, very useful for some sites where the content can be a bit volatile.