Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wonderfully Biomimetic Animation

Spent two hours today this afternoon watching Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22, with a bottle of Sarz and some chips. It was pretty good, I do intend to write a full synopsis/review once I can be bothered to type 1000s of words again.

Oh and it is full of science too, with one realistic portrayal of breaking the sound barrier, as well as a much redesigned Sahaquiel, which behaves just like an oversized pleomorphic virus.

HERE is proof:

For the virologically uninitiated, the black sphere seen from 0:48 drops like a disco ball because it had a plasma membrane coating which is of a fluid mosaic structure maintained by cholesterol; upon fusion with the host the membrane goes away to reveal some shiny and perfectly geometric capsid proteins forming a protective core; as the capsid disassemble, a neatly stratified and compact genome can be seen; finally the genome unwind itself to a more linear molecule, and judging from the complex outline (and the lack of other components) I am fairly certain it is positive sense ssRNA, so-shaped to trick host ribosomes into thinking it is one of the cell's own mRNA, as well as epigenetically regulating the level of expression of different gene segments.

BTW, here is the old Sahaquiel from the original TV series 15 years ago. Appearance-wise it is closer to an unnatural triplet of neurons with very short dendrites, strange.