Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Man-up Meals FTW

Man-up cooking to cuisine is like German pornography to adult entertainment. Tasting good is not enough; the food has to appear somewhat revolting (think mushy peas), or at least visually unpolished to be considered manly. Another added-on advantage is that anybody sees it won't steal it due to the engrossing look.

Examples are abound

Awesome pub food, did I just mention mushy peas?

A somewhat less toxic variety with baked beans

One, two, three, four.....thirteen kranskies, on rice with miso soup, Freud would be impressed.

Something dyschezic this way comes.....

Solution: Add plenty of lubrication mayonnaise!

Rule #1: Deep fry everything and top up with curry or gravy

Another murder by the brown sauce

Man-up breakfast, made commercially

School Lunch in Japan, junior version

Traditional tea dish in the JMSDF, some officers are known to spend their entire allowance for this treat. BTW, Kimlan Soy Paste is another hidden gem, try it!

Attempt to make lemon chicken today, it tastes better than it looks, period.
Finally, a hearty lunch made to my definition, thank you darling.