Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Farewell 349

Today I went for my first exams this semester, which happens to be of BIOSCI349. The emotions just before the exam range from calculated confidence to total panic, which was very interesting to observe.Also, nobody wanted it when I offered my mint copy of Biochemistry 6th Ed by Berg et al for grabs, c'mon, I thought you are the ones who are into science.

The exam went fine, question one was a hard call between two questions of similar difficulty, and I ended up switching topic after making a start on the other. Special thanks to Obsidi of Dissecting Minutes, question four became a breeze after reading the elegantly laconic summary of A.lumbricoides.

I also remember the comment "The highest you will get is a B+" from the start of the semester when I casually declared myself a B student. Well, turns out that was a pretty accurate prediction.

The result for Test 2 MCQs are not out yet, however I am confident it will be 15/20 at least, this compounded with my A-ish lab marks and otherwise lackluster exam performance at the exam, would land me consistently in a high B or B+.

People say the most you will get is what you aimed for, did I aim for a B? Well, hard to say, but judging from the negligible time spent studying prior to this morning, I am utterly indifferent to this course, farewell 349, you will not be missed. Maybe I ought to join Andre's daily countdown to the end of education for many of us.


And the other day, I picked this up during a spontaneous visit to the off-license in Howick over the weekend. The main reason to get it: It is darned cheap, priced so low that you probably won't believe me if I put the figure here. Anyway, a 750ml bottle goes for less than half the price of a 700ml Baileys.

The name is O'Mara's Irish Country Cream w/ added caramel. The bottle is not too informative, other than saying that it is made in Abbeyleix, County Laois. I looked up on the internet and it turns out to be something made exclusively for export, no wonder why I have never seen this brand in Eire.The internet also told me that this combination has a wine base, which is not mentioned anywhere on the labeling, strange.

 This is what it looks like, pale straw colour from an opaque bottle.

Despite the over-friendly price tag, it is actually very tasty, probably the smoothest cream liqueur I have ever had, no sting at all. It is quite rich too, goes down like a thick shake with the punch. The added caramel is subtle, just right to be tasted, with a coffee-like aftertaste.

It works pretty well neat at room temperature right now in winter. You may get it on the rocks however ice tends to mask most of the sweetness, and it will dilute the Milch too.

Verdict: Surprisingly good for the price, excellent after-dinner drink and a quick, bottled fix for your sweet tooth. The alcohol content is low enough (13%) for this drink to be considered wine for legal purposes, so future tax hikes on spirits are less likely to have any effect. (FYI, filled bread must have at least two slices of bread to be legally considered a sandwich, at least in Boston)